Anything by Werner Herzog is a must-read, must-listen, or must-see: books, articles, interviews, films. If he came out with a multi-volume boxed set of CDs wherein he simply reads the Yellow Pages into a microphone, I would pay top dollar.

LO AND BEHOLD is a new documentary ostensibly about the Internet but not really. It's about current technology and current tech trends. There's an opening segment on the original IMP device that was used in 1969 in the first test of the ARPANET. But from there it departs to be essentially a hodgepodge of various clips and things that Werner probably had stored away in a drawer, awaiting the day when there was enough material that it could comprise a feature-length film. It has that kind of random nature to it: ten chapters each about ten minutes long. Herzog fans simply have to see it, of course. Non-techies may wander in and wonder what's going on, and wander out with the usual wonder of tech. (A wonder I think Herzog, a non-techie, shares.) Techies may roll their eyes. I caught myself doing that a few times.

SCORE: 50.

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